Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update Today Full Episode

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update Today Full Episode.

So in this article you will get information about Serial Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 full episode and Spoiler Story. Lakshmi tells Malishka at the beginning of the episode that she doesn't love Rishi and that this is just her being stubborn. She adds that if Rishi loved her, he wouldn't have left her. With the help of Lakshmi's mangalsutra and her current love, Malishka promises to demonstrate how much Rishi cares for her. Lakshmi fights back when Malishka tries to knife her. Both of them try to obtain the weapon. Lakshmi is stabbed by Malishka, and they both collapse to the ground. Malishka is awakened by Balwinder from her slumber. Malishka claims she killed Lakshmi when she awoke from her dream. Balwinder claims that Lakshmi is daydreaming and that he has still not brought her here. Malishka yells out in frustration since it is simply a dream.

Shalu and Ayush search for Lakshmi. Ayush contacts Lakshmi after mistaking a passerby for her. Ayush apologises to the onlooker after realising who it is. Ayush is urged not to worry by Shalu. Lakshmi is brought to the doctor by Rishi when she is asleep. Lakshmi is fine, the doctor declares after inspecting her. Shalu and Ayush help one another to relax. Shalu queries Ayush as to why Lakshmi must continually uphold her integrity. Ayush offers his opinion. Shalu and Ayush both harbour the same suspicion that Malishka's kidnapping and Lakshmi's disappearance are related. Shalu concurs. Ayush asks Shalu to leave and promises to call him if he learns anything about Lakshmi. From there, Shalu departs.

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Lakshmi, who is unconscious, is brought to their room by Rishi. Rishi is seen by Dadi carrying Lakshmi. Lakshmi is put to bed by Rishi. What happened to Lakshmi, asks Dadi to Rishi. Rishi promises to reveal later. Malishka will be mad for the rest of her life if Rishi and Malishka are not together, Kiran concerns. Neelam and Virendra are holding out for Lakshmi to awaken. Rishi says he spotted Lakshmi asleep in the middle of the road and asks Virendra what happened to her. When Ayush sees Lakshmi, he inquires about her well-being. Ayush goes to tell Shalu about seeing Lakshmi because he feels relieved. Lakshmi is gone, Shalu informs Rano. Rano queries it. Lakshmi's automobile was allegedly discovered in the middle of the road by Shalu. Lakshmi was recovered, and Ayush phones Shalu to confirm that she is okay. Shalu requests permission from Ayush to speak with Lakshmi. Lakshmi is unconscious, according to Ayush, but he shouldn't inform Shalu of this. Ayush invents a justification and promises to force Lakshmi to speak later. Shalu concurs. Rano hears the wonderful news from Shalu.

Rishi queries Virendra as to what Ayush is referring to. Rishi is advised not to think about it by Virendra and Neelam. Rishi declares his concern for Lakshmi and promises to visit Ayush. Ayush is asked by Rishi what transpired. Ayush informs Rishi that Malishka has been abducted and that Lakshmi is thought to be involved. Rishi queries Ayush about the Lakshmi blame. Ayush recounts the events in detail. Rishi approaches Kiran and expresses his shock at her thought process.

Virendra queries Ayush about what transpired. According to Ayush, they were concerned for Lakshmi when they discovered her car in the middle of the street unlocked. Neelam tells Dadi that this must be a brand-new Lakshmi drama. When Lakshmi awakens, according to Virendra, we will know what transpired. 

Rishi approaches Kiran and informs her that what she did was wrong. Rishi claims that he believes she has a deep understanding of people, but she disproves his claims, and he claims Lakshmi will never be able to achieve that. Kiran is requested by Rishi to withdraw the police complaint. Kiran claims that she too recognised her error and that Lakshmi's earring was discovered in Malishka's room. Lakshmi is the main suspect, and Kiran asserts that even if she retracts her complaint, the police will still search for Malishka. Kiran questions whether it will make a difference whether she retracts her complaint or not. After hearing this, Rishi moves on. Malishka's strategy, in Kiran's opinion, might go awry this time.

Episode End--------------------------->

Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2022 Written Update Episode Spoiler

The 24th November 2022 episode of Bhagya Lakshmi opens with Malishka staring at Lakshmi while her eyes are on fire. Laxmi, meanwhile, holds Malishka's hand firmly and maintains her balance while gazing directly into Malishka's eyes. In contrast, Abhay instructs Kiran to wait it out at Malishka's house while he devises a plan to rescue Malishka from this predicament.

Kiran sits on the couch with a thud as Abhay leaves, praying that Malishka won't do anything rash that could jeopardise her future. Shalu and Ayush are looking worriedly around looking for Lakshmi in the meantime. Malishka manages to free her hand from Lakshmi's tight grip in the godown while Lakshmi continues to look directly into Malishka's eyes.

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