Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Today Full Episode

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Today Full Episode.

Kumkum Bhagya 23 November 2022 : Alia tells Rhea at the beginning of the episode. She requests Rhea to explain what took transpired. Rhea claims that because of your goon, everyone is hailing Maata Prachi for saving her life and taking all the glory. She claims that she cannot forgive Prachi and that she is unsure whether this is the beginning or the end of the issue. Ger is informed that everything is resolved, and Alia begs her not to speak negatively. You may be thinking positively, but nothing will turn out well. Mihika's presence puts us in danger, and I can't stand the thought of Sid and Prachi not getting married, so I'm going to make things work out well for us. What is she planning, Alia queries. Prachi blamed me, which is awful, according to Rhea, so I did it. Preeti is asked by Prachi if she is confident about the outcome. Preeti concurs.

Prachi queries how it can match. Rhea corrects Prachi. Alia claims that since you pushed Rhea, it has been established that she is indeed carrying Ranbir's child. As it has been established that Prachi is carrying Ranbir's child, Rhea advises her not to ever bring up the subject. According to Prachi, Rhea is not pregnant and the test results are incorrect. She claims that Rhea might have tampered with the report. Prachi is asked by Pallavi to apologise to Rhea for blaming her and is admonished to stop accusing Rhea. As she departs, Prachi informs her that she won't apologise to Rhea. Ranbir adheres to Prachi. If Prachi doesn't apologise to her, Rhea threatens Pallavi that she would leave the house with Ranbir's child. Pallavi is startled.

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Prachi is prevented from closing the door by Ranbir. He inquires as to the cause of her rage and whether she feels ashamed of him. Don't question yourself because Prachi claims it's not your child. When she is confident in him, why is she angry, Ranbir wonders. Prachi requests that he leave her for a while. Ranbir concurs. Rhea believes that everything is resolved. She is stopped by Alia, who commends her on her clever action. Rhea calls it a wise decision, but nobody, not even Pallavi, comes to stop me. They are shocked because Alia said they would arrive. She questions why she kept the sample exchange a secret from her. Rhea claims I stole Prachi's sample because I realised she had taken my sample and knocked me out. Pallavi enters through the mirror, which she observes. Rhea sobs as she informs Alia that no one in the family views her as part of their own, which is why they chose not to demand Prachi make amends so she would leave the house. Pallavi claims that if Prachi doesn't apologise to you, then she will lose me for good and you won't be able to leave this house. Sid exits after hearing it. Rhea embraces Pallavi.

Sid remembers every detail. He begs Prachi to apologise to Rhea when they meet. Why is he saying it, Prachi inquires. Rhea is acting, according to Sid. Rhea is not pregnant, according to Prachi, and we need to know how the news turns out to be in Rhea's favour. Before things get out of hand, Sid begs Prachi to apologise to Rhea for the naming. Prachi turns down. Sid claims that Rhea is turning Pallavi against you, so apologise to her so that she would feel better about herself and we can then make our move. Prachi observes. Rhea is told by Pallavi that she is the Bahu of their home and that she would not put up with any insults. She gives Rhea her word that she would look out for her. Alia says Pallavi answered your questions, therefore Rhea should be content. Prachi will apologise to you, according to Pallavi.

Pallavi is informed by Sid who arrives there that Prachi is looking for her. Pallavi queries her whereabouts. She is in the living room, he claims. Alia and Pallavi go. Rhea is being held by Sid, who asks her about Mihika's whereabouts. He is advised by Rhea not to touch her if he wants to live in safety. Everyone enters the hallway. Ranbir claims that he sends visitors to the kitchen to eat while we have a private talk. What is that private chat, Rhea queries.
Episode End -

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